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Minicraft KC-135A USAF 1/144 (MI14707)

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The KC-135 ranks as one of the longest-lived aircraft currently used in front line service. The KC-135 evolved from a passenger jet transport design in the early 1950's that was almost immediately accepted by the United States Air Force. To this day, the KC-135 continues to serve as the one of the primary transport and mid-air refueling aircraft for the United States Air Force. First placed in service in 1957, up-dated versions of the KC-135 are still flying after over 54 years with many more years still to come.  The KC-135A was the primary mid-air refueling aircraft for the airborne nuclear forces during the Cold War and served as an integral part of the elite Strategic Air Command.

Kit has new tooling (engine), detailed outboard and inboard engines, engraved and recessed surface detail, nose weight, refueling boom, clear engraved canopy, one-piece cowlings, detailed ballast tank and optional undercarriage, optional main gear doors, optional tail stand. Decals and painting reference for (2) USAF aircraft: Robbins Air Force Base, GA 1975 and Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD 1984 - includes hatch outlines, windscreen and fuselage window frames, wing walkway boundaries and airframe stencil data

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