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Minicraft 1/144 B-52 H USAF (Current Flying Version) MI14615

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First flown in the 1950’s, later models of the B-52 continue to serve the United States Air Force. Up-dated B-52’s are expected to continue to serve for decades yet to come.

 The new 1/144 Minicraft B-52H represents the current flying model modernized B-52H with added antennas, electronic counter-measures and low light vision enhancements typical found on the modernized aircraft. The new kit features pose-able flaps, pose-able landing gear (up or down) and new decals representing 2 different B-52’s currently in operation.

2 Markings options included are:

USAF B-52H, 449 BW, Kincheloe AFB, Early 1960's

USAF B-52H, 19 BW Wurtsmith AFB, Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

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